Our companies are committed to an Incident-Free Workplace to help the safety and health of all employees and to the environment. The security and safety of our employees and work practices are held at the forefront of our culture. It is company policy and our leadership’s personal commitment that each and every employee is entitled to work in a safe and healthy environment. No other aspect within our operation ranks higher.

We utilize a culture of safety through our KSA program; ensuring employees are efficient in their job function with minimum core competencies required for placement and promotion. To ensure personnel are properly trained, the utilization of a KSA procedure and all training will be conducted utilizing trained and experienced supervisors and managers with industry experience. The training will follow the API RP 54 standards as well as OSHA and Well Site SOP (Standard Operations procedures) manual material. We also hold quarterly SSE(Safety Service Evaluations) of each employee to ensure safety is continuously their number one priority.

Given that it is only through a truly competent workforce that the business goals of an organization can be achieved, competency assurance is critical to our services’ long term success.

Additionally, all Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are reviewed by management once a month. Requirements of these performance measurement reports include monthly and annual HSE incident reporting. Performance will be measured and charted as reference points for self improvement target areas and Company. Any incident reporting investigation and analysis procedures can all be found in each participants HSE manual and guidelines.

We believe that safety is a team effort; everyone working together to establish safe work practices and thereby reduce the risk of injuries. We encourage all employees to maintain a diligent questioning attitude and empower them with Stop Work Authority. Our Stop Work policy provides a method to resolve potential near misses and makes it clear that employees can take this action without fear of reprisal. Anyone in the workplace who observes an action or condition that is unsafe, has an obligation and the authority to intervene and to resolve the unsafe action or condition. Employees are continually encouraged to intervene whenever they notice an unsafe condition or another worker performing work in an unsafe manner (Unsafe act).

Not only is the discussion of dedication critical to maintaining a safe work environment, but how we clarify, implement, and maintain it. Our Policies are readily available and reviewed through company wide safety meetings held monthly, 1:1 sessions with each division and at weekly safety meetings via conference call. In addition, we also hold weekly reviews of safety audits at a management level which includes any necessary updates or improvements in policies or procedures.

Each and every person within the organization has a set of roles and responsibilities which are intended to function in an integrated fashion as a successful whole. Ultimate authority of the program however lies with our HSSE and HR Director working cohesively with the Technical and District Operations Managers. Managers, HSSE Director and Human Resources department continually coordinate and monitor all progress and challenges by using an external auditor (The Customers View) to gain objective feedback directly from each of our clients. We are able to instantly recognize areas requiring improvement and make changes quickly, enabling our companies to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.

Each management team provides ongoing resources where clients can request regular or ad hoc audits of competency assurance. Audits are critical to the success of any competency system, so as to ensure that identified skill gaps have been closed and desired standards are being maintained over a long term period.

There are proactive indicators assisting our HSE audits and expectations, such as the number of audits/inspections, follow-up plan records and implementation plans. It is our policy to maintain risk identification and assessments evaluations.

Through the utilization of effective management leadership and employee involvement, we pledge to:

Comply with applicable health, safety, and environmental laws, regulations, and Company policies without regard to enforcement

Prevent pollution, reduce wastes and emissions, and conserve energy and other natural resources by minimizing the environmental risks associated with our operations

Prevent incidents and maintain effective emergency preparedness and response programs

Continually improve health, safety, and environmental performance results with a management system designed to establish goals and assess performance

Ensure each employee understands and is responsible and accountable for safety, health, and environmental performance while conducting his daily business activities

Work with our customers, contractors, and suppliers to achieve health, safety and environmental performance consistent with our Company objectives

promote open communication throughout our organization. Nurture frequent dialog and communication forums with our customers, the community and with applicable regulatory agencies on health, safety, and environmental matters.

We are able to uphold this pledge through executing implementation of a number of programs and policies that we have in place. Some of these policies include, but are not limited to, JSEA, Spirit of Safety, Near Miss procedures, Hook N’ Bull, Behavior Based Safety, Injury and Incident Investigations (Root Cause Analysis), Short Service/Mentoring program, Emergency Preparedness and Standard Operating procedures.

We take responsibility for implementing these policy principles through the commitments and actions of each employee. We place a high value on conducting business with respect and care for the people and the environment. Exemplary safety performance is an integral part of our business and contributes to our goal of promoting the safety, health, and well-being of our employees, our customers, our contractors and local communities while also maintaining the quality of the environment in which we work.

Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely. Our work is never so urgent that we cannot take the time to protect the environment.

Peter Jacobs, CEO,

About Us

West Texas Oil & Gas Company is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas.